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Elizabeth Haven Community Projects

P.O. BOX 11955 SPRING TX 77391 US

Elizabeth Haven Community Projects

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization


November 13, 2012

Awesome group for girls! I have two daughters in this group and they have been helped with preparation for college life. Elizabeth Haven has guided them by mentoring them with college applications, personal self esteem and having them volunteer and help with other charitable organizations. The leadership is great and has always answered any questions I've had and taken really good care of my girls.

Demi H.


November 11, 2012

Elizabeth Haven does so much more than take girls on summer trips to visit college campuses. The organization provides an environment where young girls can develop and grow into strong young women. They have the opportunity to interact with professionals throughout the year, which expands their knowledge. They also participate in college and personal development workshops to prepare them for next steps in their lives. I am honored to serve as volunteer for Elizabeth Haven. I believe in the work they do, and I know it is building confidence and enthusiasm in the lives of the young women it serves.



November 8, 2012

Elizabeth Haven has been such a tremendous blessing to the community in the Greenspoint and Spring area of Houston, TX. I'm sure this program will touch the lives of even more young teen girls beyond Houston. These young ladies have been introduced to the world of education, and has given them the gift of dreaming. They have had the pleasure of visiting and lodging in college dormitories here in Houston, trips to New York, Denver, Washington DC, and more to come. Visiting Colleges all free of charge to the girls. Victoria Ochiche works tirelessly to make this happen for these young ladies. Yes, I recommend Elizabeth Haven to the surrounding Communities and the world!! I have truly enjoyed being a volunteer to see lives changed up close and personal.



June 21, 2012

Awesome program for young girls to be involved in to learn about education and to teach life lessons for adult hood.



June 8, 2012

This organization gives back to the community by helping economic disadvantage young women excel in life. They provide opportunities for the young women to explore their educational dreams and give them an opportunity to earn money toward their future educational endeavors.



June 8, 2012

The experinces this organization provide for young ladies are phonomenal! The self esteem and charater building has been vital to our community. My daughters have participated in several of the events sponsored by this organization and the staff and other volunteers left an ever lasting impression on my daughter that changed her attitude and prespective on the direction of her life. I am eternally grateful for this organization and wish the group becomes larger to have a greater impact on our youth. Well done Elizabeth Haven Community Projects!!!!!!!! Thanks for your service to our community and our youth.



June 7, 2012

Elizabeth Haven Community Projects loves to teach girls to have fun, to love their life, and to try new things. I have attended several functions that this organization has put on and I always come away feeling that the girls who participated in the projects have found peace, balance, and enjoyment in the areas of their life that matter most. I believe they see that it starts with them and that they have more power inside them than they realize; all they have to do is learn to tap into what they already have. As they begin to recognize their own abilities and influence, and see them in healthy ways, all the other areas of their life will fall into order. That's what this organization is all about. The Executive Director of this organization was inspired by memories of her mother. She feels that if her mom had the kind of support that Elizabeth Haven Community Projects offers her life would have perhaps turned out a lot differently. This organization was birthed out of the hope that it will help girls to achieve new levels in their life and to discover the treasures, gifts, and abilities within themselves that are just waiting to be uncovered. The most recent function I attended was a fashion show in which the girls modeled various fashion attire. Initially some of the girls were shy and a little reserved, however by the finale all of the girls exhibited such confidence that the audience was "wowed" off their feet. You could tell by the way the girls walked and their countenance that they had discovered the greatness inside them and the influence they had on the audience.



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This camp I discovered something about myself, and it was that I stopped dreaming.

. . . . . . . . . I never expected or ever anticipated these girls to change my life as much as they have.

I want to thank you wholeheartedly for trusting me enough to be apart of Elizabeth Haven and thank you for being apart of my life.

Love you,


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Two-Year-Old Camp Elizabeth Program Aims to Break Cycle of Crime,

Boost Self-Esteem of Young Girls

HOUSTON, July 31, 2008 — A summer residential camp under way at the University of Houston is working to break the cycle of crime within families, taking particular aim at addressing the needs of girls between the ages of 13 and 17 who have parents or other close relatives in prison.

The need for such a program is borne out in sobering statistics. On any given day in the United States, there are more than two million minor children with an incarcerated parent, according to the Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents. More than seven million children have a parent under some form of correctional supervision.

Separation from parents by prison can be devastating to children, resulting in feelings of abandonment, sadness and anger, and can lead to eating and sleeping disorders, lower academic performance and disruptive behavior. Studies show that children of prisoners are six times more likely to go to prison than their peers. They are seven times more likely to be involved in the criminal justice system.

Volunteer counselors, a forensic psychologist and a professional clinical therapist are addressing the issue by giving of their time and expertise to Camp Elizabeth, now in its second year.

The program is named in memory of Jane Elizabeth Wynn, a single mother of 10 children who as a young woman emerged from an abusive relationship with her former husband to receive training and employment in a clerical position in the twilight years of her life.

Twenty-seven girls were selected for the weeklong camp from a list provided by Prison Fellowship (a 32-year-old organization that serves prison inmates and their families). In addition, some of the campers are from families displaced by Hurricane Katrina who continue to experience anxiety. All camp costs are covered by donations.

Trina Gordon, a forensic psychology adjunct professor at the University of Houston-Victoria, will be the keynote speaker when the camp concludes Friday (Aug. 1). Anitra Shelton-Quinn, assistant professor of school psychology at UH-Victoria, is involved with the camp as a consultant, dorm counselor and camp clinical therapist. She also is on the board of directors of Elizabeth Haven, the nonprofit organization that is putting on the camp.

Girls in the camp receive guidance and a caring perspective from volunteer counselors from Houston, Dallas, Louisiana and Maryland. All counselors must undergo a background check and a volunteer training session. The girls are housed in campus dorms.

“Our goal is to build self-esteem,” Shelton-Quinn said. “There isn’t a young woman who can’t accomplish great things with the proper support system. But there are many young women who just need a little help, a little support, a little encouragement. That’s where Camp Elizabeth comes in.”

In addition to building self-esteem, the camp helps participants learn coping strategies to better deal with the stress of having someone they love in prison. Counseling and physical fitness activities also are part of the program. The camp concludes at 1 p.m. Friday (Aug. 1) with a fashion show and tea in which the participants will model and keep new outfits picked out for them by camp staff.

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